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VHS Tape Repalced (2022) 

Producer | MAS Studios & Dramaturgys


In 1987, a young black Saudi man tries to win the girl of his dreams by mimicking her favorite 80s American pop star.  

Copy of Yajuj Iram Poster.jpg

Yajuj: Curs of Iram (2020) 

Producer | ProStratus Productions & Bright Lens Media

A unique experience of an online immersive play and live interactive film premiered to the whole world on November 30th 2020 about a group of social media influencers and an ancient virus that turns its victims into zombies. ​

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The 7th Wave (2020)

Writer | ProStratus Productions

a series of videos featuring Abu Al-Jaffar, a mysterious leader of an anarchist Muslim cyber-terrorist group

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Siwar TVC (2020) 

Post-Production Coordinator | 7th Dream Films

  • Managing and organizing content. 

  • Reviewing all Arabic and English copyright. 

  • Translating Arabic to English and vice versa. 

  • Coordinating between Post-production company and client.

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