Copy of Yajuj Iram Poster.jpg

Yajuj: Curs of Iram (2020) 

Producer | ProStratus Productions

A unique experience of a live interactive film premiered to the whole world on November 30th 2020.

  • Handling Product placement deals.

  • Recruiting and managing crew members. 

  • Reviewing legal agreements and documents. 

  • Managing production workflow, day-to-day operations, expenses and scheduling. 

  • Meeting and closing deals with sponsors and collaborating companies. 

  • Managing and organizing Media interviews and press conferences.

The Wave0.jpg

The 7th Wave (2020)

Writer | ProStratus Productions

a series of videos featuring Abu Al-Jaffar, a mysterious leader of an anarchist Muslim cyber terrorist group

Siwar Poster.jpeg

Siwar TVC (2020) 

Post-Production Coordinator | 7th Dream Films

  • Managing and organizing content. 

  • Reviewing all Arabic and English copyright. 

  • Translating Arabic to English and vice versa. 

  • Coordinating between Post-production company and client.

THe Office S1.jpg

The Saudi Office (2019) 

Content Writer (Ar/En) | Alsadaf Company (Project got canned after completing 3 episodes)

  • Working closely with the writing team in creating a TV show for mbc network. 

  • Reviewing all Arabic and English content (i.e Show Bible, episode breakdown, schedule…)

  • Translating from English to Arabic and vice versa. 

  • Overseeing research and development of content.